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Tutoring     Ages 5 - Adults

Up & Away Learning Center offers tutoring in all subject areas, from kindergarten through adults.

My name is Susan McGraw; I own and operate the Up & Away Learning Center.  I obtained my BA in Elementary Education from Weber State;  a master's degree in Special Education from Brigham Young University.  After receiving my master's degree, I decided, that rather than stick to a narrow field of education, I would diversify. Many of my peers said this would limit my income, because putting my money into variety would not allow me to obtain a doctorate.  That is true,  but it allows me to have a better handle on more children and their needs. Therefore, while I have enough hours for a doctorate, I did not get one.  I feel the trade was worth it to me and the clients I serve. In accordance with that decision I worked on and received additional teaching certifications from programs at Utah State University.  I have also obtained training in auditory and visual processing needs from individual groups that specialize in these areas. I have also completed training in homeopathy and herbs.  It is not legal for me to practice these last 2 in the state of Utah, where I live, but I can teach you how to help yourself and help your own families use them efficiently.

    I like to feel that I teach my students how to learn, so that learning can continue  independently after they complete their time here.

Social Studies

English Grammar, Literature, and Writing



• Physical Science

• Earth Science

• Biology

• Chemistry-basic


• U.S. History

• World History

• Geography

• Organizers and/or

   how to compare facts

• Roman, Greek Mythology

• Economics

• Ancient Egypt-elementary    level

• Writing skills

• Grammar

• Vocabulary

Critical Reading

Logic skills

• Elementary-not common core

• Secondary-not common core

• Word Problems-not common core

• Logic and others as needed-not common core

• Anatomy

• Geology

• Organizational items

• Elementary basic items


Other Items

Home Economics

• Braille

• Adaptive Skills

• Tactile Defensiveness

• Resources to help

Homeopathy classes

Herbal classes

• Basic sewing
• Basic cooking
• Organizers
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