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Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years.  Over the years, ways have been developed that make the oils pure from pesticides and other chemicals.  They have also developed ways to grow the plants, herbs, spices and trees so that they have the optimum consitutients that are positive for the plant and fewer of the negative ones.  When purchasing essential oils, check on how that company protects its oils from outside problems, processing issues and verifies that their product is not only 100% what its label implies but is positive in nature with no additives or outside contaminants.  The essential oils I use can be used safely internally, aromatically and externailly on the skin. 

  Our ancestors were aware of its benefits when they made peppermint tea and compresses. This oil can be used in those same ways.  They can be rubbed on the feet, hands, used in massage or put into teas and compresses.

Today we have the option of doing the same with the real peppermint or the real peppermint oil.   As in their time, or today, you must take care in cleaning the real product to use internally.  While some oils say no internal use, Ones that have been properly cared  for, like the real thing, can safely be used internally or externally.  However, too much of anything can be, well "toooo much."  So on quality oils, just a drop or 2 will do for optimin heath and so the taste is not overbearing.

A family can cook together with confidence, using essential oils in the foods they prepare.  You can cook with the oils, takng care to limit the drops used, especially with hot oils like oregano and cinammon.  Clove is another

good one as in fennel, cilantro, wild orange

basil, and others that might to your liking.

Summer is coming and we need to avoid bug bites as they carry diseases that can harm learning abilities and cause you to take much time off school or work.  Bug  sprays often contain chemicals that are not only harmful to the bugs, but may be hard on some of the people that wear them as well.  Repellent Blend is a great alternative to those sprays. This product was just improved by the company I use.  Don't forget the pets, who need protection as well.  It comes in a spray bottle or a regular one as well, to which a spray top can be attached if needed.

Try a foaming hand wash as an excellent replacement for the alcohol based hand wash items.  Your kids wash with this and get clean hands with or without water and so can you. We have one for the sink and one to take with you, that will soon be arriving to our line up. Both products help keep hands clean and the germs of winter mostly at  bay or the dirt of summer fun.  The one for the sink is great and not as likely to dry out your skin, like most soaps do.  Healthy kids mean fewer days off school and work for all of us.

There are oils that smell citrusie, like lime, grapefruit, wild orange and lemon, each with their own special flavor and health advantage.

Some smell woodsy like Tree Tea oil, sandal wood, cedarwood, Arborvitae and others.  Again each with something to offer your physical or emotional well being.

Others have a floral scent, like Rose, so sweet but so expensive and hard to find with a quality product, Ylang Ylang and Lavendar also fit here, along with many others.

Let's not forget the mints, grasses and herbs, like lemongrass, basil, peppermint, fennel and others.

Then also the spices like cinnamon, clove, cardamon.  Sorry no nutmeg yet.

All these scents and flavors can be combined and recombined to make things for both physcial and emotional health. I have only listed a few of the many oils availble at this high quality.  I love eucalptyus in the winter in my difusser and lavender as well.  Summer, lemon and still lavender.  Wild Orange is a favorite of my family year around.  Want to find your families favorites to help their needs and just for fun and flavoring.  Contact me in the boxe below.  I would love to tell about the oils I use and their name, but can't do it on line, so they say. 

Essential oils are not meant to replace medical advice or medications you or your child may already be using. 

Please feel free to call, email or attend a free class on them.  These classes are free and no purchase is required if you attend.  I run a learning center and that philosophy applies not only, to math science and reading, but to the oils.  These classes are currently offered when needed or requests come in.  For an individual session with me or for information on attending an existing class please contact me using the contact button at the bottom of this page or call me at numbers listed below.


Disclaimer: The statements made on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnosis or treat any illness or condition.    While these oils generally do not interfere with medications and are safe for use with them, it is recommended that you consult your physician or tell him which products you are using  along with information about the product and its constituents.


If you need or are interested in a business opportunity, it is available here as well.

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