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Do you want to tutor your own child but need help or ideas

I will gladly help parents find curriculum and techniques to help them with any studies they wish to do at home  if they wish to tutor their own child, but need a starting place. If you want more than a 1 session starting place, I can monitor with one session a month or more, depending on what the parents or clients needs are.  Both parent and child will need to attend the monthly session as I will show you techniques and give ideas to the parents as we go.  If you choose this option, I advise having some evaluations done by me or your school system, so we can be a little more certain that the proper recommendations are being made.  If you already have testing from your school or other sources, please bring it with you-full test pages, not just the

June 17-August 10   8 week sessions







   Group classes are not individualized to meet individual needs, but they do provide a way to review materials, have new learning and peer interactions in a small group setting. 

   Basic Sewing, Groups A-beginning, B-beginning intermediate C-top of beginning classes. All classes will have related vocabulary, skill development or review, 3-8 projects.  You will have materials and tools to provide. Classes will be 2 hours 2 times a week. Fee $95.00

   Geography Part 1 will be basic map skills, types of maps, drawing maps.  Focus for Part I is the Americas.  There will be some homework with this class. Class will be 1 hours 2 times a week. Cost $50.00  plus material fee.

   Writing Skills will cover a variety of writing issues students encounter.  It will require some homework. Class will be 1 hour 2 times a week. Cost $50.00 plus material fee.

   Embroidery Skills.  Learn 8-10 stitches, complete 1 sampler and start (and finish) a dish towel or dresser scarf.  I will meet 1 day a week. 

    I must have at least 3 to 4 students  but no more than 10 in each group, except the basic sewing, which will top out at 6, due to sewing machine needs.  Group ages and times will vary, based on the number of students I have register and which classes sufficient numbers to be held. 


Summer Group
Classes in Basic sewing, Embroidery, Geography, and Writing Skills



Different Students 

Require Different

Approaches to Learning

   This is one of the things that I spend time with for each student. I look at learning issues, visual and auditory. I look at learning styles and personality traits that change the way a person or child learns and explain to them and their parents how this information can be used to make learning easier for the client. I, myself, am dyslexic, so have a unique understanding of learning issues and how it can interfere with your ability to read, do math, and memorize items. I have tried to learn how to learn and pass that on to my clients.  I like the challenge of figuring out where the learning gaps are and finding the best way to fill them in. 

Individual Tutoring offered for ages 5-adults Most subjects available.

     I find most people want tutoring in math and/or reading, but I also enjoy tutoring in English, history, science, organizional skills and adaptive skills as needed.

     I do not like to "teach for a test" nor do I do common core math, but when working with adults or older teens, if that is all you need, I will teach that way, as long as you just need to know how to get the answer, not show common core steps. For the rest, learning is a process and it takes time to do it right, so do not expect "quick fixes" as I try for more permanent ones.  I do have some programs which might increase learning speeds, depending on why learning has been difficult in the past.

     Most subjects are not in a void or individual in the world in which we live and so if you come for math, you might get a little reading or in science you will probably encounter math and so on.

  Individual appointments can be made for 2 or 3 days a week and you may choose 30, 45 or 60 minutes sessions. 

   I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you or those you know who could use my services.

Notices & FAQ

In an effort to keep my basic prices low, I am now charging a supply and copy charge of $10.00 every 6 months for private tutoring and/or for the 8 week class session ($15.00 if special paper is needed). In addition, there may be book fees, for consumable items. Science, sewing & embroidery each have several consumable items and a few things you will need to supply.

Approximate dates for group classes.

Group classes will be offered when I have enough requests.  Starting dates and days of week will depend on group needs. See Summer Group Classes on this page.


Individual tutoring available most nights during school year.  Days available during the summer. Saturday  times for Irlen and Berard work.

No compensation for time missed-Group Sessions

While I cannot give compensation for days missed during group sessions, all handouts and a brief summary sheet of what we did will be given to students when they return.  Parents are welcome to attend, listen in, and do the work with their child when they get home.  Discounts may be given for those who start late for group classes, depending on the circumstances.

Basic Fees

​​Individual tutoring sessions cost $12.50 for 30 min. $17.00 for 45 min. and $20.00 for hour sessions.  All fees are due the first session of the month. If you miss a session and give timely notice, I will try to make up the time, but if you do not show or give notice, there will be no make up sessions or money refunded.

Fees for Group classes are listed with each class and are due the first class of the session. If you need to make other arrangements, please talk to me about it before the first day of the session​

To register for tutoring or groups call 435-734-0743 or 435-720-7798

Up & Away Learning Center,     ph. 435-734-0743    cell: 435-720-7798